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571st Birthday of Hangeul

Branding, Poster
720 x 1050 mm
Digital Print

- WINNER, The STA 100 Competition 2018, CHICAGO/USA (2018)
- SELECTED, the 3rd shenzhen international poster festival, selected in category (a) cultural poster, SHENZHEN/CHINA (2018)
- SELECTED, golden bee 13 moscow global biennale of graphic design, selected in category (a) fresh wind, MOSCOW/RUSSIA (2018)

‘한글’은 1446년 세종대왕이 만든 독특한 문자입니다. ‘한글날’은 한글 선포를 기념하고 한글의 보급과 연구를 장려하기 위해 10월 9일로 지정된 국경일입니다. 571회 한글날을 기념하기 위한 포스터 시리즈를 제작하였습니다.

‘Hangeul’ is a unique Korean alphabet made by King Sejong in 1446. ‘Hangeul Proclamation Day’ is a national holiday designated as October 9 to celebrate the proclamation of Hangeul and encourage the dissemination and study of Hangeul. In 2017, We made a poster series to commemorate the 571st Hangeul Proclamation Day.